Indicted Former US House Rep. Aaron Schock Claims Staffer Acted As Secret Informant For The Feds

The Associated Press reports:

Attorneys for former U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock say a staffer secretly provided the government with a trove of confidential documents in violation of Schock’s protection from unreasonable search and seizure.

The lawyers write in Tuesday court filings that the government went too far when it transformed the staffer into an informant and required him to wear a wire to secretly record conversations. They say he provided thousands of legislative emails, staff rosters, and other documents from Schock’s Illinois district office.

It’s unclear exactly how the information from the staffer shaped prosecutors’ corruption allegations against Schock, whose travel and office expenses drew the attention of the Justice Department. Schock was indicted in 2016 after resigning.

More from CNN:

Schock alleges in Tuesday’s court filings that the day after he announced his resignation from Congress in March 2015, government agents made a beeline to his office in Peoria, Illinois, and enlisted a “fairly junior staffer,” who worked as an office manager, to act as a confidential informant for the FBI against the congressman.

“The government met with their new CI almost daily to provide instructions, receive documents or other items the (informant) seized, discuss ‘scenarios,’ equip him with the recording device, and debrief him after completion of a monitoring and recording session,” according to a court filing.

Not only did the informant allegedly wear a hidden device to record conversations with Schock and other staff members, but Schock’s attorneys claim that federal agents directed the informant to “insert himself” in conversations that were protected by the attorney-client privilege, as the particular staff members involved were represented by counsel at the time, and the informant “purport(ed) to be represented by the same attorney as counsel for other staff members.”