Homocon Site Gateway Pundit Confesses: We’re Only There At The White House To Troll The Real Reporters

The New Yorker has published a lengthy profile of Jim Hoft and Lucian Wintrich, the homocon bloggers at Gateway Pundit seen above making a white supremacist hand signal in the White House briefing room. The piece ponders whether the Trump administration granted credentials to Gateway Pundit merely to troll the real journalists. An excerpt:

Over dinner at a nearby steakhouse, Hoft and Wintrich brainstormed about what they might ask the next day. “Just make sure it has ‘fake news’ in it, Lucian,” Hoft said, passing him a notepad. “Every question you ask with the words ‘fake news,’ you get a ten-dollar bonus. We’ll add that to your contract.”

Wintrich, sipping a Martini, jotted a few notes. “Sean! Over here, Sean!” he said, pretending to raise his hand. “In the past month alone, there have been at least twenty fake-news stories in the failing New York Times. Does fake news like this get in the way of the President’s ability to proceed on policy?”

Hoft cackled loudly enough to startle a woman at a nearby table. “That’s fucking hilarious,” he said. “Should we do something about ‘S.N.L.,’ maybe?”

“A follow-up, Sean, if I may?” Wintrich said. “Do you think that the failing show ‘Saturday Night Live’ will be cancelled, or can it be made great again?”

“Genius,” Hoft said. He finished his steak, ordered a slice of banana cream pie, and asked Wintrich whether he wanted another Martini. “Lucian, when we’re out together, I pay for everything. You know that, right?”

“That’s very kind of you,” Wintrich said. Andrew Marcus, the other filmmaker, said, “The big decision you have to make is how much of a troll you’re willing to be.”

“He’s there to troll,” Hoft said. For a moment, Wintrich seemed to get cold feet. “Should we have a couple of backup questions that are specifically about policy?” he asked, tentatively. “Policy schmolicy,” Hoft said.

RELATED: Last week Wintrich got into a shouting match with a Fox News reporter who reportedly denounced Gateway Pundit as a racist, anti-Hispanic, anti-Semitic site. Wintrich claims the Fox reporter physically assaulted him, but other journalists in the White House briefing room say no such assault happened. In a post made today, Gateway Pundit appears to back off the claim of physical assault, merely saying this:

We are currently working on our response to this attack. We have been in contact with our lawyer. This behavior by a White House reporter is not acceptable. We will announce our plans this week.