Newly-Minted Homocon Chadwick Moore: Matthew Shepard Was Killed Over Meth, It Wasn’t A Hate Crime

IMPORTANT CORRECTION: Advocate executive editor Neal Broverman tells me that contrary to the below report, Chadwick Moore is not a “contributing editor” at the magazine. Moore last wrote an apparently freelance piece the Advocate back in June 2016 and has not written for them since.

Unicorn Booty reports:

Chadwick Moore, one of two contributing editors of The Advocate, sparked an intense backlash among LGBTs after penning Out magazine’s controversial Milo Yiannopoulous profile last September. He also recently announced himself to be a conservative in the pages of the New York Post, a move that made some cringe in its comparison of “coming out” as LGBT to announcing oneself as a former liberal.

Now he has taken to Twitter claiming the murder of Mathew Shepard back in 1998 has been “debunked” as a hate crime, and Shepard — whose death has long been a symbol of the need for the LGBT civil rights movement — was “turned into a Blonde Jesus” by the “gay lobby.”

Moore’s claims appear to be based on journalist Stephen Jimenez’s much criticized book The Book of Matt: Hidden Truths about the Murder of Matthew Shepard. Jimenez attributes Shepard’s murder to crystal meth; arguing his killers — Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson — were just trying to get Shepard’s drugs. Other journalists have since written articles debunking Jimenez’s claims, arguing that The Book of Matt is based on bad journalism and rumor.