Helpful Christian Video: How To Stop Witch Attacks

The Christian site Charisma News has produced a helpful 35-minute instructional video on how to stop witches from casting spells against you. They write:

The devil’s trick witch witchcraft is to make it seem all innocent and fun. “Witchcraft can be very deceptive, and it can manifest in many ways in our lives,” former witch Beth Eckert says.

“A lot of us are used to thinking that witchcraft is just what you see on TV and in the movies. What comes to mind is Maleficent in the Disney movie, or the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz or Harry Potter. So things that are fun or perfectly innocent and good like Harry Potter or things that are so far out of our reality that we can’t even comprehend that it would be something real.”

That’s how it sneaks in. Before you know it, you may be under an attack. Watch the video for the signs and how to stop them.