Colbert Mocks “Inspector Gadget Conway” [VIDEO]

USA Today reports:

“It’s true,” Colbert said facetiously. “Microwaves that turn into cameras. How do you think we film this show?” The camera then turned to someone manning a microwave on a tripod. Colbert also sarcastically backed up Conway’s declaration in an interview with CNN that she was “not Inspector Gadget.”

“Inspector Gadget had all sorts of tools at his disposal,” Colbert said in agreement, “Gadget skates, Gadget ‘copter. Kellyanne Conway has only one move: Go, go alternative facts.”

Though Conway told CNN’s Chris Cuomo said she didn’t think “people are using their microwave to spy on the Trump campaign,” that didn’t stop Colbert from delivering a special message to Obama whilst grabbing a Hot Pocket fresh from the microwave. “I miss you,” he said while looking into the appliance, which doubled as a camera, obviously.