Chris Wallace Calls Out Trump Team On Michael Flynn: It’s “Inconceivable” They Didn’t Know [VIDEO]

Raw Story reports:

Fox News reporter Chris Wallace on Friday said it was “inconceivable” that Donald Trump was unaware of former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s lobbying work with a company connected to the Turkish government while serving as an adviser on his campaign.

Reporters, including Fox’s John Roberts, grilled White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer over reports that a lawyer for Flynn warned the transition team that Trump’s top pick for national security adviser may have to register as a foreign agent.

Speaking with host Shep Smith, Wallace said it was “interesting” to watch Spicer try and “deflect” questions about when members of the Trump transition team—and Trump himself—became aware of Flynn’s connection, noting the press secretary gave an answer that “precisely misses the point.

When you’ve lost Fox News….