Boris Epshteyn To Leave White House Post

Yet another shakeup. Politico reports:

Boris Epshteyn, a special assistant to the president who oversees Donald Trump’s television surrogate operation, is expected to leave his high-profile post, multiple sources close to the administration told POLITICO.

The well known, combative talking head, who fiercely defended Trump on television during the campaign first as a surrogate and then as a paid campaign staffer, is expected to remain in the administration, but possibly in a less visible role. “We are discussing opportunities within the Administration,” a senior administration official said in an email Saturday night.

Epshteyn’s official job is to oversee White House officials who appear on television to speak on behalf of the administration, and defend and explain Trump on TV himself. He had been aligned with White House counselor Kellyanne Conway in pushing the administration to use Cabinet secretaries to talk about policies on television, and reduce the on-air profiles of White House staffers.