White House: Trump Yelled At Australia’s PM Because “It Had Been A Long Day And Fatigue Was Setting In”

Salon reports:

Australian media confirms that Trump “yelled” during the call in an attempt to bully the prime minister. Australia’s Nine News reported that Turnbull responded to the erratic behavior by saying: “You’re a businessman. I’m a businessman. A deal is a deal.” Twenty-five minutes into the phone call, which was originally scheduled to last an hour, Trump reportedly hung up on the prime minister. The hostile conversation has left Australian political commentators dumbfounded.

“President Trump’s aggression towards the leader of one of America’s closest allies caused astonishment among diplomats and foreign policy analysts,” Laurie Oakes, the political editor at Nine News said. “What is usually a very warm relationship has suddenly cooled. There’s been nothing comparable for 45 years.” After contents of the conversation leaked, the White House tried to repair the damage, telling CNN it had been “a long day” and that “fatigue was setting in” for Trump.