White House Issues List Of “Under-Reported” Terror Attacks: Orlando, Paris, San Bernardino, Brussels

Politico reports:

The White House released on Monday a list of 78 terrorist attacks that the Trump administration claim were not sufficiently covered by the nation’s press. The list, however, included some mass killings that were covered well enough to make their locales into symbols of anger and grief: Orlando and San Bernardino, Nice and Paris in France, and Brussels in Belgium.

According to a White House official, the international list was sent out to prove the point “that these terrorists attacks are so pervasive at this point that they do not spark the wall-to-wall coverage they once did.”

The list came out after President Donald Trump said Monday that the media has not been reporting adequately on recent terrorist attacks, focusing instead of such things as people protesting against his administration.

Oddly, the list includes no attacks in Israel, despite a spate of knife attacks in 2015-16 that were meant to terrorize the population. It also doesn’t include the mass shooting of African American churchgoers by Dylann Roof, an avowed white supremacist, at a Charleston church in June 2015, or a mass shooting at a Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic in November 2015.

The list of 78 attacks include 11 that occurred in the United States. Some of the events had no reported casualties.