Trump’s Ridiculous Anti-Media Poll Backfires After Thousands Of Progressive Trolls “Sabotage” The Results

As many of you know by now, a couple of days ago the Trump team put out an absolutely insane anti-media poll to their mailing list. And surprise, surprise, the entire thing backfired. From the New York Daily News:

Twitter users circulated the link far and wide — with several sharing screenshots of their answers bolstering mainstream outlets like CNN, writing in support of the “failing New York Times,” or simply using blank survey fields to lob insults at the new administration. Trump has a survey on his website about media bias. It would TERRIBLE if we all took it to balance out the results!” tweeted user Jordan Uhl.

By Friday afternoon, the Trump team emailed supporters asking for their “IMMEDIATE help” in rectifying the results. “The President emailed you to take the urgent Mainstream Media Accountability Survey,” the message read. “Since then, mainstream media outlets have viciously attacked it… and thousands of Democrats have taken it to try to sabotage the results.” The POTUS continued his tirade against the fourth estate on Friday, this time downgrading reporters to “enemy” status.

You can still fuck with the poll here.