Trump: My Ratings Are Bigger Than The Super Bowl

Politico reports:

President Donald Trump on Friday started off yet another White House meeting referencing television ratings, declaring that “politics has become a much bigger subject than the Super Bowl.”

“One of the things that I heard this morning … watching the news was that — amazingly, it’s never happened before — that politics has become a much bigger subject than the Super Bowl,” Trump said, sitting alongside his economic advisory group for a morning meeting. “This is usually Super Bowl territory, and now they’re saying that the politics is more interesting to people.” “So that’s good,” he added.

The NFL’s most recent regular season TV ratings were down compared to last year, and some people have pointed to the spectacle that was the 2016 presidential campaign as something that may have pulled viewers away from football.

As a candidate, Trump sometimes pointed this out, and since the election, he has continued to bring up TV ratings — something the former reality TV star president often points to as a measure of worth — in a variety of contexts.