Trump Cries “Politics!” Over Travel Ban Case

CNBC reports:

President Donald Trump on Wednesday took to Twitter to voice his outrage at U.S. federal appeals court judges, who are weighing the temporary suspension of immigration restrictions order. “If the U.S. does not win this case as it so obviously should, we can never have the security and safety to which we are entitled. Politics!” he tweeted.

The judges on Tuesday vigorously pressed lawyers on both sides of the case in a hearing. Senior Circuit Judge Richard Clifton, an appointee of Republican former President George W. Bush, asked the attorney for the state of Washington why the complete suspension of the immigration restrictions by a Seattle judge wasn’t overly broad.

Trump’s administration asked the court to rule that the Washington state judge was wrong to suspend a travel ban the president imposed on people from seven Muslim-majority countries and all refugees.

“Congress has expressly authorized the president to suspend entry of categories of aliens,” attorney August Flentje, special counsel for the U.S. Justice Department, said under intense questioning from a three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.