Tony Perkins: Pray That God Will Prevent The Senate From Being Tough On Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee

Hang on, is that some Christian side-eye aimed at Glorious Leader in the second paragraph? From the Family Research Council’s prayer of the day:

Pray that God will superintend the Senate hearings; that the questioning and deliberations will be dignified, righteous, and just. May He prevent Trump’s Senate opponents from using this venue to display hostility and vitriol toward the president and his appointees, as some members of Congress have been doing. (Ps 64:2-4; Jas 1:20)

May both parties be statesmen-like to bring some semblance of respect and civility to their office. May leaders be raised up to bring healing and unity to Congress and America. May the president, too, be similarly led to avoid fanning the flames of rhetoric that are already overheated! (Ecc 10:12; Mt 23:25; Mk 3:24-25)

May the American people get to know Neil Gorsuch during the hearings. May the content of his character and his record speak for itself. May we be surprised by the speed with which this new member of the High Court is confirmed and seated! (Ex 18:21; 2 Sam 3:36; Rom 9:28)