Radio Shrieker Michael Savage Calls For Armed Militia To March On Home Of Sen. Chuck Schumer [AUDIO]

“Why is there nothing going on? You know there’s probably 4 million armed men in this country, 4 million armed men, ex-military, police, militias, why are they not saying anything? Where are they? Why am I sitting here like a schmuck alone taking on so much on my shoulders? Where are they? Where are these 4 million men? I want to know why they’re not outside Schumer’s house in Brooklyn.

“That big tough guy Schumer ripping apart a great man like Flynn, I want to know why they’re not picketing Schumer, making his life a living hell as they’re making Trump’s wife’s life a living hell, the vermin on the left. You have Black Lives Matter disrupting society? How about Military Lives Matter disrupting these Communist bastards.” – Right wing radio shrieker Michael Savage, speaking on yesterday’s show.