PWR BTTM – Big Beautiful Day [VIDEO]

NPR reviews:

Ben Hopkins and Liv Bruce are radiant beings who make every minute louder, more glamorous and deeply personal as PWR BTTM. The punk duo has announced Pageant, its follow-up to 2015’s Ugly Cherries, with the outrageous “Big Beautiful Day.”

“There are men in every town / Who live to bring you down,” Hopkins sings. “My advice is to look incredible / As you make their lives regrettable / By being your damn self.”

This is part of PWR BTTM’s core: revel in, and shout out, your individuality, even and especially in the face of misguided masculinity. But PWR BTTM is quick to extend their sympathies to those same men, “who never had a choice but to grow up and be scared to be your friend.”