Prop 8 Defender Chuck Cooper Withdraws From Solicitor General Consideration Rather Than Be Vetted

Politico reports:

Chuck Cooper, the conservative Supreme Court litigator, is withdrawing his name from consideration to be the next solicitor general, opening the door for the husband of Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway to be appointed to the role. “I am deeply honored by any consideration that I may have received by Attorney General Sessions and President Trump for appointment as the Solicitor General, but I have asked them to discontinue any further consideration of me for that critically important position,” Cooper said in a statement Thursday.

Cooper, a onetime clerk for the late Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist, is a confidant of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and helped prepare him for his confirmation hearings. He was one of two finalists for the position. In an interview on Thursday afternoon, Cooper told POLITICO that he wasn’t prepared to undergo the grueling confirmation process. “Life is too good and too short,” he said.

In addition to his history of defending bans on same-sex marriage, Cooper would have been grilled for his defense of an interracial dating ban at Bob Jones University and for defending the right of employers to fire people with HIV. So now we’ll likely get Propaganda Barbie’s husband.