Mike Pence Backs Trump’s Praise Of “Killer” Putin, Won’t Say America Is Morally Superior To Russia [VIDEO]

Mediaite reports:

During an interview with CBS’s Face the Nation, Vice President Mike Pence dodged several times when asked if he thought the United States was morally superior to Russia. Pence denied Sunday that President Donald Trump‘s comments in an upcoming interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly defending Putin and saying America wasn’t that innocent represented “morally equivalency.”

“What you heard there was a determination to attempt to deal with the world as it is,” Pence said. “Let’s start afresh with Putin, and start afresh with Russia.” “Do you think America is morally superior to Russia?” asked host John Dickerson. Pence gave a long response that avoided answering the question.

“What we have in this new president is someone who is willing to engage the world, including Russia, and saying where can we find common interests that will advance the security of the American people, the peace and prosperity of the world, and he is determined to come at that in a new and renewed way.”