MICHIGAN: Court Rules Against Anti-Gay Church Who Sued Man For Sign Saying They “Believe In Love”

Michigan Live reports:

A judge dismissed Jenison Bible Church’s lawsuit against a gay man who displayed a sign implying the church supported same-sex marriage. Daniel VanderLey asked area churches to take a public stand against Bradlee Dean, an advocate for traditional marriage, who was speaking at a “God and Country” event at Jenison Center for the Arts.

VanderLey, who contended the talk would be hate-speech, asked churches to join the protest, contact his website and demand it “stand down,” and presumably face negative publicity, or do nothing, and his organization would print signs indicating the church’s opposition to Dean, court records showed.

Jenison Bible Church, or JBC, did not respond to VanderLey’s demand. During the June 11, 2015, event, organized by Brian Klawiter, the anti-gay owner of Dieseltec repair shop, VanderLey caused a sign to be displayed suggesting that Jenison Bible Church was opposed to Dean’s message and supportive of same-sex marriage. The sign read, “Jenison Bible Church Believes in Love,” VanderLey said.

The ruling declares that churches are “artificial entities have no emotions or mental senses that can be legally offended.” A spokesman for the church says they won’t pursue an appeal because VanderLey, who definitely still needs Jesus, has “learned his lesson.”

RELATED: In 2012 Bradlee Dean was ordered to pay legal fees to Rachel Maddow after he sued her for $50M over, he claimed, her mischaracterization of his position on executing homosexuals. Nutjob lawyer Larry Klayman represented Dean in the case. Dean has claimed that the average gay man molests “117 people before they’re found out.”