Loony GOP Rep. Steve King: Vladimir Putin Isn’t That Bad, After All He Hasn’t Killed Dissident Garry Kasparov

Via Mediaite:

Republican Iowa Congressman Steve King argued Sunday that Russian leader Vladimir Putin was not nearly as bad as critics charged, noting that Putin never murdered one of his prominent critics.

“I think there’s been some overreaction on both sides of that argument,” King said on CNN. He argued that there wasn’t any moral equivalency between the United States and Russia, but that he wasn’t sure that Trump was trying to claim that there was.

King also said that Putin was not as bad as Sasse was making him out to be. “Freedom of the press, dissent, I would say– Garry Kasparov now lives in the United States. He lived a long time in Russia with a very loud megaphone, and he’s still alive and well.”

Gasparov hasn’t returned to Russia in years because he fears re-arrest (and worse) by Putin’s goons, who have beaten him during an anti-Putin protest.

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