Homocon Milo Announces NYC Press Conference As Breitbart Continues To Ignore Pedophilia Comments

Last night vile homocon Milo Yiannopoulos announced a press conference to take place at 3PM today in New York City as his primary employer, Breitbart, continues to ignore the pedophilia comments that have already cost him his CPAC speaking gig and his book deal with Simon & Schuster. The most recent Breitbart post about Milo went up two days ago.

Late yesterday the Washingtonian reported that several Breitbart staffers have threatened to walk out if Milo is not fired. Fox Business has reported that an “fierce internal debate” took place yesterday among Breitbart‘s executives. The consensus among journalists on Twitter appears to be that Milo will today claim to have resigned from Breitbart of his own accord.

Some of Milo’s supporters are using the #StandWithMilo hashtag both to preemptively attack Breitbart should he be fired and to implore Alex Jones to hire him at InfoWars. Meanwhile, Gateway Pundit homocon Jim Hoft is attacking the “Never Trumpers” at Reagan Battalion, who “pretend to be conservatives,” for first pointing out the year-old videos that launched Milo’s downfall.