Franklin Graham “Hopes And Prays” Trump Will Sign Executive Order Legalizing Anti-LGBT Discrimination

“The news reports that liberals are up in arms about a potential executive order from the president to protect religious freedom in this country. One of the reasons that millions of evangelicals and Catholics voted for President Donald J. Trump was because of his commitment to protecting religious freedom, and I believe he is looking for ways to do that. For years, the Obama administration, many state governments, and judicial activists attacked core religious beliefs on life, marriage and religious freedom.

“The examples across America were numerous — florists, bakers, photographers, nuns, and pharmacists who refused to act against their religious beliefs and convictions were sued, fined, and drug into court, all at great cost. Many lost their businesses and their families suffered greatly because they took a stand for their faith. I hope and pray that President Trump will move forward with this executive order soon—despite threats from activists with their own agenda.” – Franklin Graham, in a Facebook post that links to an essay by anti-LGBT activist Ryan T. Anderson.