Erick Erickson Blasts Trump For Giving Press Credentials To Homocon “Fake News Cesspool” Blogger Jim Hoft

Right wing commentator Erick Erickson writes:

I think the White House does the American people a great disservice by inviting Gateway Pundit in to the press briefings. I’m not sure there is a greater purveyor of fake news on the left or right than that site. Inviting in a known purveyor of fake news gives that purveyor a credibility that is not deserved. It gives a credibility that will most assuredly be abused to spread even more fake news.

From malarkey about terrorism to showing NBA fans as Trump supporters to you name it, Gateway Pundit runs nonsense and I still have not determined if it is intentional or just because of some level of insanity. Gateway Pundit wrote that John Podesta was encouraging illegal immigrant voting based on an email that actually did not mention illegal immigrants. He posted a picture of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ victory parade and claimed it was a Trump rally. Then there was the confederate flag campaign button for Obama that actually was not from the campaign.

There was the time he claimed an Asian Washington Post reporter had been taking pictures of Rex Tillerson’s notes. Not only did he not apologize after trolls started sending the reporter death threats, but then he blamed the media for not properly outing who it was. My personal favorite was Gateway Pundit confusing closed captioning of “applause” with it being a command from Obama to applaud at his speech.

Erickson’s full piece is actually rather enjoyable. Infighting is funny, y’all.