BREAKING: Appeals Court Rules Against Travel Ban

A three judge panel on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has just unanimously ruled against Trump’s ban on immigration from seven Muslim-majority nations, virtually guaranteeing a showdown before the US Supreme Court. Story developing….

UPDATE: Ruling the ruling here.
UPDATE II: From the Los Angeles Times:

The court rejected the Trump administration’s argument that the courts lacked the right to review the president’s executive order. “There is no precedent to support this claimed unreviewability, which runs contrary to the fundamental structure of our constitutional democracy,” the panel said.

“Indeed, federal courts routinely review the constitutionality of—and even invalidate—actions taken by the executive to promote national security, and have done so even in times of conflict,” the panel added.

The court said the states were likely to succeed in their due process claim. The judges also said they took note of the “serious nature” of the states’ claim that the travel ban, because it targets Muslim-majority nations and provides exceptions for members of religious minorities, constitutes religious discrimination. “We express no view as to any of the States’ other claims,” the court said.