AP Sues Laura Ingraham’s Site Over Bounced Check

Buzzfeed reports:

The Associated Press is suing LifeZette for more than $49,000, claiming that the Laura Ingraham-helmed website failed to pay months of licensing fees. The complaint, filed on Friday in District of Columbia Superior Court, alleges that LifeZette entered into a year-long licensing agreement to use AP content in July 2015, agreeing to pay $4,200 per month. The AP says it suspended LifeZette’s account in February 2016 due to nonpayment.

LifeZette did submit a check for $42,611, according to the lawsuit, but it was returned due to insufficient funds. A copy of the check, dated Jan. 16, 2017, from the account of Ingraham Media Group Inc., was included in the court filings. Ingraham launched LifeZette in 2015 and is listed on the website as its editor-in-chief. A representative for LifeZette did not immediately return a request for comment on Friday afternoon.

Hit the link to see the filing. LifeZette is among the far-right conspiracy sites that now have White House access.