American Family Association: Trump Has Bent His Knee To “Sexual Anarchists” With Obama’s LGBT Order

American Family Association radio host Bryan Fischer is ever so pissed. He writes:

Many of us feared during the campaign that the confusing messages Mr. Trump was sending with regard to the homosexual agenda portended trouble were he to be elected. Unfortunately, those fears may now have been realized. President Obama enacted an executive order in 2014 forbidding any business which would not affirm sexual deviancy from doing any contract work for the federal government. The current administration today re-affirmed that executive order, even though it was under no compulsion to do so.

This perfectly terrible order requires all businesses to affirm the radical LGBTQ agenda as the cost of doing business with their own government. Business owners who believe in sexual normalcy need not apply. They are now banished from entering into any contract with the federal government.

No for-profit contractors will be allowed to work on any part of the president’s infrastructure plan without an all-out embrace of sexually non-normative behavior. No landscape business, no printer, no food service provider, no janitorial service, no IT company, no vendor, and certainly no bakers like the Kleins will be permitted to do any work for any federal agency unless they bend the knee to sexual anarchists and treat homosexual behavior as the moral equivalent of heterosexuality.

They will be forced to set aside their most deeply held convictions about human sexuality and marriage in order to be considered for government contracts. This blanket discrimination on the basis of religion is not only immoral but also illegal, since it violates civil rights laws that forbid discrimination on the basis of religion. And it violates the plain provision of the First Amendment which prohibits the federal government from restraining “the free exercise” of religion in any way.