American Family Association: Christians Must Go To “Spiritual War” Against The Witches Cursing Trump

Bryan Fischer writes for the American Family Association:

It’s time to go to war – spiritual war, that is – for the president of the United States. He is now the direct object of curses being woven against him by covens all across the country, who began their crusade last Friday night at midnight by joining together to curse President Trump. They intend to repeat this ritual on every waning crescent moon until the demons of hell hound him out of office.

Many so-called intellectuals pooh-pooh the idea of demonic spirits and curses as superstitious mumbo-jumbo. But Jesus, who knew more about the spirit world than all the intellectuals in the world put together, was under no illusions about the existence of the underworld and the mission of dark spirits who attack human beings.

No, demons are real, and they can be invoked and summoned just as Christians invoke the presence of the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus. We are entering into a period of spiritual warfare as a nation the likes of which we have not seen since World War II, when Winston Churchill correctly observed that our battle against the occult-obsessed Nazis was a battle for “the survival of Christian civilization.”

According to Fischer, a perfect example of demonic possession was seen over the weekend in Louisiana when a GOP House rep’s town hall was disrupted by “George Soros-funded agitators.” From Brooklyn.