WND Issues Urgent Warning That More Exorcists Are Needed To Fight “Army Of Demons On The Loose”

They tweeted this story right after denouncing CNN as fake news. Via World Net Daily:

As 2016 ends, priests are calling for more exorcists to fight what they are calling “an army of demons.” Satanic groups openly organize against Christianity, even at Christmas. And trendy festivals like Burning Man are increasingly resembling something like a religion.

It’s part of a general trend that has Christians worried. And Karl Payne, former chaplain for the Seattle Seahawks and an experienced exorcist who authored “Spiritual Warfare: Christians, Demonization and Deliverance,” says the danger is real.

“Spiritism is clearly on the rise in North America; typically associated with contacting spirits to communicate with the dead in one form or fashion,” he told WND. “The media is replete with programs and movies glorifying walking and talking with the dead. Can successfully contacting demonic spirits, which is what practitioners are actually doing whether they understand this or not, open up a person to actual demonization? Yes, it can. Is this done purposely? Sometimes it is. Is this done innocently or naively? Sometimes it is. Do demons care whether a person’s motives are purposeful or innocent for involving themselves with demonic spirits?

“No.” Payne said he had worked with people in the past who found themselves caught in demonic bondage both purposely or through something thought of as a game or curiosity. “Demons ultimately have one job, and that is to destroy,” he said. “A friendly demon is a construct of childish entertainment, not reality.”

Carl Gallups, a pastor and the author of “When the Lion Roars: Understanding the Implications of Ancient Prophecies For Our Time,” said he believes the Last Days are drawing near and the reported growth in demonic activity is the fulfillment of prophecy.