TRAILER: Bright Lights

Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. Tomorrow night on HBO. The Guardian reviews:

Their differences extended down to their dogs. Dwight, a perfectly poof-y white Coton de Tulear, stays with the elegant and eternally camera-ready Debbie. But good luck keeping your eyes off Gary, the dark, panting bulldog with his slobbery tongue drooping out of the side his mouth. Gary was forever in Carrie’s arms, on her side of the Reynolds-Fisher compound where the legendary Hollywood mother-daughter team lived and laughed during their final years.

It’s impossible to watch Alexis Bloom and Fisher Stevens’ warm documentary Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds right now without reflecting on the shocking late December deaths of its two subjects. HBO had intended to air the film (which played some of the major festivals last year) in spring, but are correct in their decision to bump up the date. Cynics might say the network is capitalizing on a hot topic, but the film makes its own argument.

These were two women who reached a state of balance thanks to an almost aggressive honesty. Their lives were on display anyway (“We are always on a red carpet,” Fisher tells reporter who asks what they do when they aren’t on a red carpet) so why not shed some light when interest is at its peak?