REPORT: Hillary Might Run For New York City Mayor

From the New York Daily News:

Hillary Clinton left open the possibility of running for mayor of New York City this year in a private conversation with a top Democrat, a well-placed source told the Daily News. Clinton, who is being pressed by many New York Dems to get back into the game by running for mayor, did not rule out challenging current City Hall occupant Mayor de Blasio in that conversation, the source said.

Although de Blasio has close ties to the Clintons — having worked at different points in his career for both of them — their relationship frayed during the 2016 White House race, when he initially refused to endorse Hillary’s bid. So far, no high-profile Democrat has jumped in to challenge de Blasio, whose term ends at the end of this year.

He won in a landslide in 2013, but his poll numbers have languished since, dragged down in large part because of numerous law enforcement probes into his fundraising. A run for mayor of New York — often described as the second hardest job in American politics — would put Clinton back on the global stage, but many in politics are skeptical that the former Secretary of State would ever jump back into the fray.

The Breitbart crowd and their ilk surely cannot wait to bring back all their insane hatred.