NEBRASKA: State GOP Senator Resigns After His Tweet Suggesting Women’s Marchers Were Too Ugly To Rape

The Associated Press reports:

A Nebraska state legislator known for his blunt, occasionally offensive manner, who was fined for having cybersex using a state computer, resigned Wednesday after he retweeted a comment that implied participants at a women’s march were too unattractive to be sexually assaulted.

Republican Sen. Bill Kintner announced at a news conference in the state Capitol that he would step down from the seat he has held since 2012. He made the announcement less than an hour before Nebraska lawmakers were scheduled to debate whether to expel him — the first time the Legislature would have taken such an action in recent history.

Kintner said he received many calls from constituents urging him to stay, and that he was resigning even though he was worried it would “be hailed as a victory to the progressive and aggressive liberal movement.”

The Republican — who previously enjoyed support from his conservative allies, despite his penchant for inflammatory comments — described his last four years in office as “frustrating” and acknowledged that senators likely had enough votes to remove him.

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