Sessions: I Still Oppose Abortion Rights And Same-Sex Marriage But I’ll “Follow Those Laws” [VIDEO]

He’ll follow them until Trump stacks the Court against them. The Independent reports:

Incoming attorney general Jeff Sessions admitted that he still opposed same-sex marriage and Roe v Wade, a 1973 law that guarantees a women’s right to an abortion. Mr Sessions said he would “respect and follow” both laws in their current form, but admitted he still held his controversial personal views.

When asked by Democratic senator Dianne Feinstein if he still believed that Roe v Wade was the “worst colossal erroneous decision made by Congress”, he said he did hold the same beliefs and that the law “violated the constitution”.

“I haven’t said a woman’s right to choose or Roe V Wade is not the law of the land… so I’d follow that law,” he added. He was also asked if he still opposed same sex marriage and whether he would uphold the federal law.

“[The] supreme court has ruled on that. The dissent was vigorous.” “The majority of the court has established the definition of marriage for the entire United States of America and I will follow that decision,” he added.