Gay Icon Jennifer Holliday Confirmed For Inauguration UPDATE: Publicist Says Trump Team Jumped The Gun

The Daily Beast reports:

Jennifer Holliday’s career is marked by survival. It’s why she’s an icon. Specifically, it’s why she’s a gay icon. The Dreamgirls Tony- and Grammy-winner, who just wrapped a run in The Color Purple on Broadway, was announced Friday as part of the entertainment lineup for Donald Trump’s inauguration, a booking that has famously been passed on by a laughably long list of performers, either in protest of the professed values of the president-elect or in fear of how supporting him at that venue might alienate fans.

Holliday will join country singer Toby Keith, rock band 3 Doors Down, and actor Jon Voight for a Make America Great Again! Welcome Celebration concert at the Lincoln Memorial that will be broadcast live on Inauguration Day, January 20. As was previously announced, teenage America’s Got Talent alum Jackie Evancho will perform the National Anthem.

Hit the link for a lengthy examination of Holliday’s decades-long status as a gay icon. So disappointing.

UPDATE: Possible good news!

It looks like Donald Trump’s inauguration team jumped the gun on pledging that Broadway star Jennifer Holliday will perform: A spokesman for the “Dreamgirls” veteran says she has been asked to sing, but hasn’t yet agreed. “Jennifer has been asked to perform but she hasn’t officially agreed to do so yet,” her publicist, Bill Carpenter, told TheWrap. “I’ll let you know later this afternoon for sure if she’ll be performing.”