SIEG HEIL: Former Breitbart Staffers To Form “Populist Nationalist” Group To Enforce Trump’s Agenda

The Atlantic reports:

Patrick Howley, a former Breitbart News reporter, left the site under vague circumstances back in November. Howley told me at the time that he was leaving of his own volition because the site had become more “controlled” after the departure of Steve Bannon, the organization’s former chairman who was hired for a top job in the Trump campaign and will be the White House’s chief strategist in the incoming administration.

Now, however, Howley and other Breitbart News alumni are starting their own group designed to enforce Trump’s agenda, combined with a planned media arm. So far, the group, which they are calling the America First Project, has surfaced in the press for trying to unseat the current chairman of the Florida Republican Party, who is seen by some Trump allies as having been untrustworthy during the election.

In Howley’s view, Breitbart has lost its street cred by trying to go mainstream, and it no longer provides a voice for the “populist nationalist” movement that Trump represents. “Breitbart’s dropping the ball in term of explaining what all of this is about,” Howley said. He’s not pleased, for example, that the site hired John Carney from The Wall Street Journal to lead business and economics coverage. “They’re going in a direction that I don’t think is interesting. I think it’s boring,” he said.