Complaint Filed After Trump Surrogate David Clarke Has Man Detained At Airport For Mentioning His Outfit

Via Mediaite:

A man has filed a complaint with the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office about his treatment by Sheriff David Clarke Jr. after a flight the two men shared. Dan Black told local news station WISN that Clarke detained him in an airport when the plane landed due to Black expressing disapproval at Clarke wearing Dallas Cowboys gear. This was on the same day when the Green Bay Packers were playing to Cowboys in a playoff game, which the Packers won 34-31.

According to Black, while they were boarding the flight, he asked Clarke if he was the Milwaukee County Sheriff as he wasn’t wearing his trademarked cowboy hat. (Clarke has become a well-known national figure recently due to his outspoken opposition to Black Lives Matter and support of President-elect Donald Trump.) He then shook his head when Clarke acknowledged who he was. Black stated that Clarke asked him at that point if he had a problem, to which Black said no.

After the plane landed, Clarke had several deputies detain Black for questioning before escorting him out to the parking lot. Then Clarke posted the below to his official police Facebook page.clarkeFBBefore the election, Clarke called for “pitchforks and torches” were Trump to lose. He is currently under investigation by federal authorities after a mentally ill inmate died of thirst six days after the water was cut off to his cell. Several years ago Clarke was successfully sued by several deputies because he had forced them to endure Christian proselytizing by the evangelical group he regularly invited to his mandatory staff meetings. Clarke was reportedly on Trump’s shortlist to be head of Homeland Security.