Brian Brown: Sign My International Hate Pledge

Brian Brown is working hard to promote his new international hate group. Via email:

As you may know, NOM is playing a critical role in mobilizing a worldwide coalition of organizations and countries that have come together to issue a global decree in support of marriage. Called the Cape Town Declaration, pro-marriage supporters in more than 100 countries are organizing their citizens to stand for the universal truth of marriage by signing the Declaration. Please add your name to the historic Cape Town Declaration in support of marriage. NOM urges all our supporters to sign this critical document.

The Cape Town Declaration affirms that marriage as the union of a man and a woman is the bedrock of society, a universal institution shared by every civilization that serves the interests of all humanity. This coming together by nations around the globe is historic and unprecedented. It’s a worldwide response to the distorted, destructive views of marriage and family that have grown more prevalent among elites in the United States and other mostly western nations.

Signers of the Declaration acknowledge that marriage is the heart of any just social order, and pledge to resist the cultural imperialism of western nations who seek to force the agenda of same-sex ‘marriage’ on other countries. Signers pledge to work toward recovering the true understanding of marriage in places where governments have erred and imposed an unwanted and unwarranted distortion of marriage upon society, and to preserve marriage. Please sign the Cape Town Declaration today to show your support for marriage.

Signing the pledge, as always, puts you on their near-daily money beg list.