WND Joins Kellogg’s Boycott Because First Amendment

Just For Men Mustache Olympics gold medalist and World Net Daily founder Joseph Farah writes:

It’s a dangerous thing, indeed, when fat-cat, multinational corporations like Kellogg determine to use their powerful advertising position to squelch free speech and freedom of the press by selectively boycotting media companies because they stand for principles like American national sovereignty.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s the absolute right of any corporation to spend its advertising dollars where it wants – for any reason. But, when businesses make bad decisions based on bad information and decide to support immoral causes, it’s the duty of Americans to be discerning about where and how they spend their own money.

As for me and WND, we stand with our “competitor,” Breitbart.com – the target of Kellogg and a growing number of other establishment corporations as they try to kill a voice of independence and liberty.

WND and Breitbart don’t share the same mission. We don’t follow exactly the same standards and practices, and we have many differences in what we cover and how we cover the news. But, we both believe in freedom and a vibrant press, and we share a common conviction that the first duty of real journalists is to serve as a watchdog on government fraud, waste, abuse and corruption.

So we put aside any differences we have, including rivalries over the market share of a handful of independent, alternative, online media outlets, to support our beleaguered friends and colleagues at Breitbart. We do so by fighting fire with fire. If Kellogg wants to attack Breitbart’s bottom line, then we will do everything in our power to hurt Kellogg’s bottom line.

If Kellogg won’t allow any advertising at Breitbart, we won’t accept any Kellogg advertising at WND. Period. End of story. The day Kellogg changes its decision, WND will change its decision.

Like most wingnuts, Farah has no understanding of the First Amendment.josephfarah2