Vanity Fair Subscriptions Skyrocket After Trump Attack

Folio reports:

Vanity Fair’s subscriptions increased 100 fold following a Thursday morning tweet from president-elect Donald Trump which stated without evidence that the magazine had “really poor numbers.”

“This was the highest number of subscriptions sold in a single day ever at Condé Nast,” a Condé Nast spokesperson tells Folio. Trump’s tweet was seemingly in response to an article by Tina Nguyen, “Trump Grill Could Be the Worst Restaurant in America.”

Nguyen’s article has received 1 million unique views since Trump’s tweet, according to Condé Nast. More than 330,000 unique visitors have read other Trump stories on the Hive, and nearly 10,000 new people have followed the magazine brand on Twitter.

While yesterday’s events lead to a surge in audience engagement for the magazine, the last year has been favorable to Vanity Fair in an economy and industry where many of its competitors are struggling.

Vanity Fair has seen a 2 percent increase in revenues YoY, and is set to be profitable in 2016, according to Condé Nast. Digital revenues are up 74 percent YoY, and make up 18 percent of the brand’s overall revenue. This is up from 11 percent of the overall revenues in 2015.