Trump Team Forced To Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement

Politico reports:

Trump transition team members had to sign a code of ethics with a pretty significant lobbying ban, but they’ve also had to sign a non-disclosure agreement to make certain they keep all of their work confidential, according to a copy obtained by POLITICO.

The agreement legally bars transition staffers from disclosing info about major portions of the transition work, like policy briefings, personnel material, donor info, fundraising goals, budgets, contracts, or any draft research papers. It also demands that if anyone on the team suspects a colleague of leaking material, he or she must tell transition team leadership. And it gives the Trump team grounds to tell those who run afoul of the rules: “You’re fired.”

If anyone is caught giving away info about the transition, he or so could face a court order to force them to stop, the Trump transition NDA says. Paid staffers, consultants, and volunteers all had to sign the document, one source close to the transition said. A Trump spokesperson and incoming White House Counsel, Don McGahn, did not respond to requests for comment.

Trump has said that once in office he will force all high-ranking officials to sign such agreements.