Tom Arnold: “Watergate-Level Journalists” Will Soon Review Trump Saying Every “Dirty Racist Thing Ever”

Raw Story reports:

Actor and comedian Tom Arnold revealed details on Monday about why he had not released tapes from The Apprentice which allegedly show Donald Trump “saying every dirty, every offensive, racist thing ever.” On a Seattle radio program earlier this month, Arnold said that he had access to the footage but decided not to release it because he believed that Trump’s followers would only be emboldened by the offensive remarks.

According to Arnold, he received access to the video via a time-limited password to a system that is designed to share work within the entertainment industry while preventing piracy. Arnold concluded his tweetstorm by hinting at more revelations about Trump’s behavior in the entertainment industry and troubling links to Russia. “All will be reviewed soon,” Arnold insisted. “Smart Watergate level journalists are ontop of this.”

See his many tweets at the link.