Todd Starnes Attacks “Repulsive” Mormon Choir Singer For Resigning Rather Than Perform For Trump [VIDEO]

Todd Starnes writes for Fox News:

The Latter Day Saints said participation in the inauguration is strictly voluntary. No one is being forced to sing for the president-elect. But Ms. Chamberlin remains steadfast and warned the choir’s reputation would be tarnished. The Tribune reports nearly 19,000 people have signed a petition urging the choir to reconsider its participation in the inauguration.

Ms. Chamberlin’s shrieking is similar to the hysterics coming from Radio City Music Hall – where several Rockettes pitched a hissy fit over their participation in the inauguration. For the record, President-elect Trump has never invaded a sovereign nation, nor has exterminated millions of innocent people.

If you want to boycott the inauguration, fine. Boycott the inauguration. But to compare the next president of the United States to Hitler is not only intellectually dishonest – it’s downright repulsive. President-elect Trump is no Nazi, Ms. Chamberlin – but your argument is a few notes shy of a stanza.

Chamberlin appeared on MSNBC this afternoon to explain her reasoning.