TAIWAN: Marriage Passes First Of Three Legislative Readings As Christian Protesters Scream [VIDEO]

The Nikkei Asian Review reports:

The first draft of a bill on same-sex marriage won approval from the parliament’s judiciary committee on Monday, opening up the possibility of Taiwan becoming the first in the Asia-Pacific region to let gay couples wed.

Following its successful first reading, the bill will undergo cross-party negotiations. But it has also drawn protests, and whether it will become law remains uncertain.

Yu Mei-nu, a member of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party and a key sponsor of the bill, told the Nikkei Asian Review that she hopes for a second reading in late April. In Taiwan, a bill requires three readings to become law.

“We are opening the door to allow gay friends to be able to express their love so that everyone can pursue happiness,” Yu told hundreds of cheering activists outside the parliament right after the bill passed the committee stage.

Hundreds of Christian protesters chanted outside Parliament as today’s committee ruled. One protester reportedly managed to enter the room where the judiciary committee was meeting. The protester screamed at committee members until she was dragged out by the police.