RNC’s Sean Spicer Blows Fuse When CNN Host Points Out Trump Did NOT “Win Overwhelmingly” [VIDEO]

Via Raw Story:

Sean Spicer, the RNC strategist who’s advising the transition team, said Trump has been “unbelievably transparent” about his business dealings and the roles of his children in his administration — but he suggested that shouldn’t even matter.

“The American people have understood exactly what they’re getting, and they voted overwhelmingly for him,” Spicer said Thursday. “He has been very clear about what he owns, the role of his family and everything else since he announced that he was running for president — and they overwhelmingly elected him with all of that on the table.”

Spicer suggested reporters were trying to delegitimize Trump by “combing through certain documents,” but he said the president-elect had only grown more popular since his election. Cuomo stepped in to correct Spicer on nearly every point he had just made.