RNC Spox Sean Spicer On Hacking: John Podesta’s Email Behavior Is Why This Is Even A Story [VIDEO]

Mediaite reports:

During an interview on CNN today, Republican National Committee spokesperson Sean Spicer essentially blamed Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta for Russians hacking his email, stating that if it weren’t for him and others behaving badly none of the hacking would have occurred.

Speaking to host Wolf Blitzer, Spicer was asked about the CIA’s assessment that Russia intervened in the election to assist Donald Trump. Spicer pushed back on that, bringing up recent stories that have shown there is disagreement among intelligence agencies on the motive of Russia’s hacking.

Blitzer then wanted to know if Spicer agreed with Congress investigating the matter, leading the RNC spox to say that he did but claiming that it was actually members of Hillary Clinton’s campaign that were really to blame.

“The only reason we’re talking about some of this is John Podesta and Neera Tanden and others on the left said some things in e-mails that they wished hadn’t come out,” Spicer told the CNN host.

Spicer then conflated Podesta getting his Gmail account hacked with Hillary Clinton’s private server while serving in State, which, of course, are two very different things.