REPORT: 400 Companies Now Boycotting Breitbart

Little Green Footballs reports:

Many people have now joined the effort to inform major companies about the racist and misogynist nature of Breitbart “News” and urge them not to advertise at this “alt-right” hate site, and this ad hoc campaign is getting serious results. The number of companies that have now pulled their ads from Breitbart is at 400. That’s gotta hurt their bottom line (although they’re also being financed by some shady right wing organizations).

The advertiser boycott of Breitbart is being spearheaded by the Twitter personality Sleeping Giants, who has posted a spreadsheet of the 400 companies. Some of the bigger names: Allstate, Audi, Chase, Cost Plus, Hulu, Iams, Nordstrom, Spotify, T-Mobile, Uniqlo. And of course, Kellogg’s, who started it all.