PHILADELPHIA: Deranged Trump Fan Bursts Into Catholic Mass To Scream About Pizzagate [VIDEO]

The Philly Voice reports:

The Northeast Philadelphia man who gained recognition for hoisting a “Hillary 4 Prison” sign on Roosevelt Boulevard during the 2016 presidential campaign burst into The Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul early Monday and delivered a screed against the Catholic Church, invoking the debunked Pizzagate conspiracy theory in the process.

Howard Caplan had already made his fringe views known in November, when he went to Washington, D.C. to protest outside Comet Ping Pong Pizza, the restaurant embroiled by false accususations of covering up a child sex operation run by Hillary Clinton and her former campaign chairman John Podesta.

At midnight mass on Monday, Caplan entered the Center City church and began shouting at the congregation about Pizzagate and its alleged connection to the otherwise well documented child sexual abuse scandals that have rocked the Catholic Church over the last several decades. Eventually, Caplan was confronted and led out of the church while continuing to denounce its history.