NOM Issues Year-End Money Beg To Facilitate New Anti-LGBT Laws And The “Likely Overturn Of Obergefell”

Via email from hate group leader Brian Brown:

We have only about 60 hours left in our $100,000 matching gift challenge, and I am very concerned that we are going to come up well short of our goal. As of this morning, we’ve raised $71,249, meaning that could lose out on $28,751. Please, don’t let us lose out on money we desperately need to take advantage of all the opportunities we have available to us. I’m asking you to make an urgently-needed donation today.

In just a few weeks, the Trump administration will take office, and that could very well mean a sea change in the environment in which we are working. Out will be Obama’s disastrous agenda that seeks to redefine gender and impose it in every public school. In will be new Supreme Court justices who will likely overturn the illegitimate Obergefell court decision redefining marriage.

Out will be government appointees who target conservative groups like NOM, and leak our confidential donor information to our opponents. In will be a President committed to signing the First Amendment Defense Act to protect supporters of marriage.

The opportunities before us are nothing short of a miracle. That is why it is absolutely essential that we have the funds available we need to capitalize on these opportunities.

The email includes thirteen links to NOM’s donation page.