Netanyahu Tags Trump’s Kids In “Thank You” Tweet

Says it all, doesn’t it? The Washington Post reports:

President-elect Donald Trump tweeted messages Wednesday showing his support for Israel and accusing President Obama of making inflammatory statements and damaging relations between Israel and the United States. Trump tweeted that he could no longer allow Israel to be treated with disdain and urged Israel to “stay strong” until he takes office on Jan. 20.

In response Wednesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted: “President-elect Trump, thank you for your warm friendship and your clear-cut support for Israel!” The tweet included Israeli and U.S. flags and tagged two of Trump’s children, Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr.

The messages came hours before Secretary of State John F. Kerry was scheduled to give a speech outlining the Obama administration’s vision for resolving the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. On Friday, the United States, in a break with a long-standing policy, decided not to use its veto power to prevent the passage of a United Nations Security Council resolution criticizing Israeli settlements.