ISRAEL: Attorney General Pledges To Equalize Citizenship Rules For Foreign Spouses Of Gay Israelis

The Times Of Israel reports:

The path to citizenship for gay foreigners who marry Israelis abroad will be brought into line with that for straight spouses from overseas, the Attorney General told the Supreme Court Wednesday, according to Hebrew language media reports.

Straight partners currently undergo a four-year process to gain citizenship, while same-sex partners have a seven-year path to naturalization. Gay people also have to renounce their former citizenship, while heterosexual applicants do not.

Avichai Mandelblit plans to make it a four-year process for all. “This is a great victory, which ends infuriating discrimination against same-sex couples,” a statement from Proud Fathers, which petitioned the Supreme Court, said.

In October, the government announced it would provide NIS 10 million ($2.5 million) annually over the next two years to various government ministries for initiatives to benefit LGBT Israelis, the Haaretz newspaper reported.