HYPOCRISY EXPLOSION: Ted Cruz Whines That Dem Obstructionists Will Filibuster “Absolutely Everything”

Salon reports:

Speaking on Monday at a conservative student organization event in Palm Beach, Florida, Sen. Ted Cruz warned that Democrats will become “obstructionists at a level we’ve never seen” under a Donald Trump administration.

In what has to be a giant fit of irony, the Texas lawmaker — who single-handedly shut the government down because Democrats wouldn’t repeal their signature health care law — predicted to Turning Point USA that Democrats will “filibuster absolutely everything they can,” according to Texas Tribune reporter Patrick Svitek.

Apparently Cruz, whose stunt was described by a Senate aide as “a toddler’s version of legislating,” is now worried that the minority party will resort to what was essentially the only page of the Republican Party playbook from 2010 to now. Since 2010 GOPers have filibustered hundreds of bills passed by the House of Representatives explicitly because they wanted to make Obama “a one-term president.”