Rep. Luis Gutierrez: I’m Boycotting The Inauguration Because Trump Continues To Spew Hatred [VIDEO]

The Hill reports:

Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-Ill.) said Friday morning that he will be boycotting Donald Trump’s inauguration to protest the president-elect’s rhetoric. “I’ve been to, let me see, two Clinton inaugurations, I’ve been to two of them for Bush, two of them for Obama,” Gutiérrez said in an interview with CNN’s “New Day.”

“I’m not going to this inauguration,” he said. “I can’t go to this inauguration, because he continues to spew hatred, bigotry and prejudice even after he said he was going to bring us all together.”

The Illinois Democrat said that his wife convinced him to join a protest march on Inauguration Day instead of attending the ceremony to show solidarity with those who feel threatened by the president-elect.